Meet your Labour Team for Priorswood ward:

Libby Lisgo

I’ve lived in the Priorswood area for nearly 35 years and have been a local Councillor for most of the last twenty years. In 2013/14 I was Mayor of Taunton Deane. I may not be a new face but I can certainly offer some experience in the new Council. 

My career was working for charitable organisations, at first with people with physical and learning disabilities and latterly I spent 18 years as Chief Executive of Age Concern Somerset.

I’m involved with several local community organisations and support the Pride in Priorswood events.

The new Ward of Priorswood is much bigger than the old one of Lyngford, so I look forward to getting to know more people in the wider area. Priorswood needs strong Labour voices to make its views heard. Taunton needs strong voices to keep our County Town on the map!

Libby Lisgo – a Community Champion for Priorswood.

Bob Rawle

I’m a retired firefighter and a well know green activist and I’m also the Taunton Labour environment spokesperson.

Having lived in Priorswood for over 40 years, I have a strong identity with the area and am aware of many of the problems the residents face, as well as the benefits of living in North Taunton.

As a candidate for the Labour & Co-Operative Party I believe in their shared values. The guiding value and principle of cooperation is one that I use in my day to day life.

Things work best when ordinary people have a voice and when services are accountable to the people who use them.

We need better public transport, cycling and walking routes, housing and social amenities. Anti-social behaviour and littering are a blight on Taunton. Councillors and residents need to work together to eradicate them.

Brenda Weston

It matters who Priorswood voters choose on May 2nd, and every vote counts. The community needs three committed local representatives working together.

My roots are in Priorswood, and as county councillor in the 1990s I started the North Taunton Partnership which secured the lease for Priorswood’s Community Centre.  I made the case for free-use computers in the library, and have fought to save it from closure in 2011 and 2018. Right now I’m campaigning with other Labour candidates to convince the new council to secure the future of Taunton’s main post office by taking over the franchise. 

These are dark and difficult times for anyone on a limited income. Crucial services have been cut to the bone; too many households are suffering insecurity, hardship, and enforced homelessness. 

My priority is that everything the council does should create a fair, secure and sustainable environment where people from all backgrounds can flourish.

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